We’re not Recreationsts, We are Oregonians.

Rogue River Mail Boat, Historic Photo

Rogue River Mail Boat’s started in 1895

Since we started Common Waters of Oregon in 2005, one of the political moves that is made every time privatizing or limiting public rivers comes before the state legislature, or the land board, or other committees is calling people who care about public waterways “recreationist”.

Those who would wish to take away or limit your ability travel Oregon rivers often minimize your rights by implying that your need is only recreational, not economic, not fundamental and that somehow their right and need is more legitimate.

Historic Photo of the Sternwheeler, The City of Salem

The City of Salem Sternwheeler, 1890

Whenever you’re at a public meeting and start hearing “recreationist” (or any form of you only being a fisherman, paddler, a rafter,  etc.) being tossed around, understand, someone is trying to paint river travel as unnecessary and frivolous. Don’t let them use that word.   Insist you’re just an Oregonian, representing the rights and concerns for all Oregonians.

Photo Crowded Steamboat  in 1910 on Coquille River

1910 on the Coquille River

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