CWO opposes SB 1060-2

At 5:29 this evening Senator Bates office issued SB 1060-2.

This new SB 1060-2 amendment is NOT supported by Common Waters of Oregon. SB 1060-2 would result in local bodies having control over rivers in a way  they cannot now.

If a business in Astoria decided they wanted to run beaches in Astoria differently than the rest of the state, the state is not obligated to support that effort.   A local group can lobby the state, but to have a mandate that the state must work with a local group is not acceptable.  The state management for state resources and rights should be conducted at the level of the state, to ensure a democratic process and that policies are for ALL the people, not just the local people.

While CWO could support SB1060-1 as we described previously we oppose SB 1060-2 and urge others to oppose it also.

The clock is ticking and the Environment and Natural Resources hearing is tomorrow at 1pm in Hearing Room B.


To watch a live broadcast of the meeting , goto The Oregon Channel- and click on the link to hearing Rm B.